Colorado Blue Stain Pine Table


Colorado Blue Stain Pine Table - Petrified Wood Look

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This contemporary rustic coffee table was made in Pueblo Colorado out of local Blue Stain Pine wood harvested from drought and beetle-killed trees.

Each unique piece is a painting made by Nature herself. This piece features a variety of delicate hues including teal, amber, white and chestnut giving the table a look similar to petrified wood. Extreme care has been taken to stabilize and fill any voids left by cracks or beetles with high-quality epoxy resin. The table is then further triple-finished in an acrylic topcoat finish.

Fitted with black hair-pin legs, you will find this table a light, but sturdy contemporary centerpiece in your house. As this is a pine table, it is recommended to use coasters for drinks set on the surface.

This table is a personal favorite of the maker.

Tabletop measures 46" X 18"

Height is 17"

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